What can you expect from your coworking holiday with Coworkvilla?

Cabanas Beach view

Cabanas Beach and Coworkvilla venue inaugural week October/November 2016

We’ll start with a welcome BBQ on the first evening, so we can all get to know each other.

The first morning we’ll have a short coworking session in preparation for the days ahead.

Then it all depends on you. When you need to work that is respected; when you have time to relax there are activities to choose from.

You could start your day with a jog to the beach or surrounding countryside, or a swim in our heated pool. Then join the others for breakfast on the terrace. At this point you know each other, and what your specialties are. Others may have questions for you and you may have questions for the designer, writer, developer, or translator, for example.

Next, check your emails and then, if there’s nothing pressing, retreat to a lounger to catch up on your accounting or read. Otherwise find a spot that appeals — outside on the terrace or inside the villa — and get to work.

For lunch make yourself a sandwich or go to the beach-side restaurant for a snack and break. Maybe one of your coworkers can give their opinion on a problem you’re trying to solve?

In the afternoon it’s either back to work or perhaps you’re taking part in a group activity?

If it’s tapas night that evening we’ll relax at the villa with food and wine. Who knows what brilliant ideas may come out of conversations at the table with your new friends?




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